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In 2023, W B Griffiths & Son Limited was ranked by the Wales Business Insider within the top 50 Small and Medium Sized Companies in Wales of Companies with a turnover of under £15million.

W B Griffiths & Son Limited was founded as a family run Company in 1920 by Mr William Barnet Griffiths at the address where the business continues to be run from. Since then the Company has seen natural expansion and an ever increasing diverse portfolio of work, accommodated in the development of its offices and stores facilities at Withybush in Haverfordwest.

The family’s involvement in construction projects dates back to 1883, with the construction by the Company of Minicoy Island Lighthouse, whose location is lies off the coast of India, the Client at the time was Trinity House. From the time of its inception through to its present day, the Company has remained a family concern, with its present Managing Director, Mr Neil Griffiths, being the Great Grandson of the founder, with Neil also following in the footsteps of his own late father. The next generation of the family is also working within the Company and so family ethos continues its own legacy.

In its early beginnings, the Company carried out construction works of a general nature and house building in the local area of Haverfordwest. It has now grown into a highly respected contractor, renowned for its quality workmanship across a variety of multi-million-pound projects, all within a collaborative working framework which ensures the needs of all of its clients, regardless of their size, are met.

The Company, became Limited in 1991 and has since broadened its customer base and area of operations to cover the whole of South Wales, offering the highest possible standards of quality and client satisfaction along with effective project management, cost control and reporting.

Throughout its history the Company has proved its belief in, loyalty to both customer and employees, in providing services and stability to all. Many employees having served apprenticeships with the Company and are very much considered to be an established part of the continued success of the Company.

With the changing customer trends W B Griffiths & Son Ltd has embraced its own ethos of meeting its clients’ needs and extended the Company’s work profile to also encompass property maintenance, this helping to meet the needs and demands of local councils and housing associations, both within the locality and further afield.

In recent years the Company has continually developed its Quality Management Systems and its Health and Safety Policy and is firmly committed to a pro-active programme of implementation in attaining the beneficial objectives which an Integrated Quality Management System can offer.

With a highly motivated management team, supported by sound estimating and financial control and with a dedicated Company work force of over 80+ employees, the Company is confident in meeting Project to time and cost, with a quality build as the end product and in doing so utilises the expertise of established subcontractors to help achieve these targets.

W B Griffiths & Son Limited confidently enters into contracts in excess of £5 million and has a portfolio second to none in South Wales. Transparency of operations and trust has secured repeat business from national and local clients. All key staff are fully trained in procurement methods and in the process of value engineering to ensure that the Company as a whole offers best value to all our clients.

W B Griffiths & Son Ltd continues to direct themselves towards a dedicated Management and Project profile development programme which will secure its future in the industry and enable it to welcome and embrace the challenges of an ever-increasing markets.


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